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Quinta, the wireless conference system of the 5th  generation, can be used for various applications.

Meetings / Conferences

In large meetings or conferences Quinta provides maximum intelligibility. As the microphone units are wireless, they ensure superior flexibility when setting up or removing the devices. Particularly in listed buildings, there is the advantage that there is no need to lay cables or to carry out alteration works. Quinta provides the option of combining rooms, e.g. several rooms can be combined for a temporary time.
By using the steno-s 4 software from beyerdynamic, it is also possible to record meetings.

→ More information about steno-s 4

Video Conferences

In video conferences Quinta provides maximum HD audio quality. The signal routing in the DSP of Quinta allows „classic“ N-1 / Mix-Minus. This allows integration into a video conferencing system without disturbing echo. Another advantage is the 128-bit encryption making unauthorised listening impossible. 

Podium / Press Conferences

Also in podium applications or press conferences, Quinta offers an optimal solution. When using up to 9 Quinta CU, ideal frequency management and no Wi-Fi, the maximum capacity of Quinta is 36 audio channels. The selection of different gooseneck microphones allows for individualisation. Depending on your requests, you can choose shorter gooseneck microphones.


Quinta is also optimal for courtroom applications. For the judge, the defence, the prosecution and the witness it is possible to set up separate audio zones, which can be put out via the individual audio outputs of the control unit and recorded with a separate audio trace e.g. in steno-s 4 Court.

More information about steno-s 4


The transmission of a foreign language through headphones is also possible. 
In this case an audio zone is used as foreign language channel, which is put out via the headphone output of the microphone units. The interpreter then uses a microphone unit as a simple interpretation console which is allocated to one of these audio zones.

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