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Control Unit

More opportunities for conferences

The control unit of the Quinta system meets all your requirements regarding operational safety, reliability or transmission security. The system already meets the latest regulations of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) and can be integrated into existing or new building computer networks that comply the IEEE 802.1 IT standard (AVB). The numerous functions with which you can control your meeting include the simple operation and configuration via Smartphone or tablet PC.

Triple band

  • For a safe wireless transmission there are three frequency bands (2.4 / 5.2 / 5.8 GHz) available. 
  • Switching of channels is either automatically or manually possible
  • Frequency changes are completely silent during operation

Maximum audio quality and transmission security

  • HD-High Definition audio quality with 24 KHz Audioband width and 48 kHz sampling rate. 
  • HQ- High Quality of Service ensures highest wireless transmission, even in rooms with radio reflections due to materials such as metal or metal-covered surfaces.

Audio / Video Bridging

  • AVB interface - easy integration into your building network according to the IEEE 802.1 network standard
  • You can embed Quinta into your IT concept and integrate it into the sound reinforcement network, video conferencing or room-to-room transmission.

128-bit encryption

  • Protection against unauthorised listening is guaranteed by using 128-bit encryption and a 24-bit PIN code. 
  •  If there are any microphone units without this authorisation, they remain silent.

Smartphone control

  •  Integrated Web server allows configuring the control unit with a Smartphone, tablet PC or PC via USB, LAN or WLAN


  • Connection to your media control system by using the RS 232 interface. 
  • Convenient operation and provides different status indicators e.g. the battery status.

Reliable antenna positioning

  • Two transmitter/receiver antennas ensure the radio reception in diversity operation. 
  • Whether mobile or installed, the extensive antenna range allows the adaptation to each architecture or interior design.


  • Output channel allocation of individual microphone units can be divided into 4 different audio zones
  • Especially for discussions in a larger group a direction-related sound makes sense. 
  • Reduces feedback and on the other hand it ensures a better comprehensibility and less tiring listening


  • Integration into tele and video conferences possible
  • Via the mix-minus function of the internal audio signal processing the echo cancelling of the video conference can operate more effectively and improve the intelligibility.

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