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Microphone unit with Revoluto Technology

More room for content thanks to Revoluto microphone units.

Revoluto microphone units give you maximum freedom of movement and functionality as well as excellent sound quality.
No microphone stem is required so you have an unrestricted view of your dialogue partners.
Light strips on the side of the casing indicate the ready-to-talk status of the microphone units. The control panels are back-lit with three colours and have Braille writing.

Revoluto Technology

Thanks to the Revoluto technology, the microphone units of the Quinta conference system offer an exceptionally large voice range, whilst maintaining high sound quality.

The Revoluto principle is based on a patented microphone array technology, whereby microphone capsules are arranged in series. This creates a corridor characteristic, which results in a much larger voice range than the standard cardioid polar pattern of gooseneck microphones.

Your advantages:

  • Great freedom of movement – the same volume and sound quality whether sitting or standing.
  • No fading in and out when you move your head to the left or right.
  • The speaker can be close to the microphone or leaning back.

High-quality surface and Braille

  • Finished with a the robust, scratch-resistant, non-glare Alexit paint 
  • Back-lit membrane switches with Braille writing on the front of the unit


  • RFI proof, i.e. there is no interference from mobile phones


  • high-quality and solid housing reduces Vibrations and noise transmissions from the table

NiMH rechargeable batteries

  • Standard NiMH batteries
  • Operating time is minimum 20 hours
  • Recharging takes only 2.5 hours
  • Easy replaceable if necessary

Headphone jack

  • The headphone jack of the microphone unit allows the output of the original language for hearing assistance or another audio channel, e.g. a foreign language.

Voice Activation

  • The microphone can be turned on by either using the microphone button or automatically via voice activation when the participant starts to speak.

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