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Guided Tours with beyerdynamic’s TTS 300 through the Museum of the Mercedes-Benz World in Stuttgart

Project: Mercedes-Benz World, Stuttgart (Germany)

The new “Mercedes-Benz World”, which has been opened on the 20th May 2006, is built on a site of 60,000 square metres in front of the main entrance of the DaimlerChrysler factory in Stuttgart-Untertuerkheim.

beyerdynamic’s wireless TTS 300 Tour Guide System is used for guided tours through the museum of the Mercedes-Benz World to let the visitors know exciting facts about the legendary motor-cars.

By the way, the TTS 300 system is also used for guided tours through some of the DaimlerChrysler factories e.g. in Untertuerkheim, Woerth and Sindelfingen where the luxury Maybach saloon is manufactured.


beyerdynamic’s TTS 300 Tour Guide System for guided tours through the museum:

In a guided tour the visitors will learn about the items on display. The organiser will give detailed information such that the visitors will never forget. Even with low noise levels and small groups it cannot be guaranteed that all participants will understand the tour guide. By using beyerdynamic’s TTS 300 Tour Guide System, however, all visitors will understand everything perfectly.


The system is easy to handle and comprises the following components:

Tour Guide
The tour guide uses a handheld transmitter, which can also be used with a holding sling, or a beltpack transmitter with a clip-on or neckworn microphone.

The visitors use a beltpack receiver with a headphone connected to it. Multilingual tours with whispering interpretation are possible due to selectable frequencies. The radio technology ensures a smooth operation when going outside during the tour.

Storage and Charging
After the guided tour the transmitters and receivers are stored in the charging and transport case. When using large systems as in the Mercedes-Benz World, the 19” chargers can also be integrated into a cabinet. The sophisticated charging technology achieves a short charging process. This results in low operating costs. As the hygiene also plays an important role in guided tours, the headphones are easy to clean after each tour.


beyerdynamic’s Tour Guide System is also used in a lot of other museums such as the Belvedere Gallery in Vienna (Austria), the House of the History in Bonn or the Art Gallery in Tuebingen (Germany).

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