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The best Live Microphone Series we’ve ever built

Great live concerts rely on perfect orchestration. A skilful interplay of voices and instruments can create a truly unforgettable experience for all those involved. For such a moment, every instrument needs the optimal sound – enter the beyerdynamic Touring Gear instrument series.



The Touring Gear series is a completely new microphone range from beyerdynamic, totally redesigned from the ground up with a brand new identification system to make selection of our microphones easier for you, the user. The ‘TG’ for Touring Gear is followed by the letter of the specific area of application – ‘V’ for vocal, ‘H’ for headsets, ‘L’ for lavaliere, ‘D’ for drums and ‘I’ for instruments. The first number specifies the category. An additional ‘s’ signifies a model with a switch. Touring Gear – the sound of German craftsmanship from beyerdynamic.