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Interpretation System and mobile Whispering System

the safe transmission of foreign languages in international events

As an interpretation system Synexis is used for two kinds of application: 

in conjunction with interpretation technology Synexis is used for the wireless transmission of foreign languages to the participants of the conference. The participants simply select the channel for their language. 

For whispered interpretation Synexis is used as mobile system. Here the individual selectable mute function of the handheld transmitter provides optimal working conditions for the interpreter.

  • International events and conventions
  • Parliaments
  • Trials
  • International training courses

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Transmission system for events:

  • Synexis TH8 (USA TH2) stationary transmitter 
    (in conjunction with interpretation systems) 
  • Synexis RP8 (USA TH2) beltpack receiver
  • DT 2 headphone
  • Cabinet equipped with Synexis C10 chargers

Whispered Interpretation:

  • Synexis TH8 (USA TH2) handheld transmitter
  • Synexis RP8 (USA RP2) beltpack receiver
  • DT 2 headphone
  • CHP charger for one receiver/transmitter or Synexis C8 charger when using several receivers 

In training centres there is often no PA system in the room at all. The lecturer uses a beltpack transmitter and neckworn microphone when speaking. The whispering interpreter uses a beltpack receiver and beltpack transmitter with the DT 394 headset. The participants select the original or interpreted language with their receiver.  

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