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beyerdynamic presented new wireless systems at ISE in Amsterdam

February 04, 2013

Wireless communication systems are becoming more and more widespread and many people never go anywhere without mobile terminal devices such as smartphones. But this was not the case even just a few years ago. It is therefore all the more impressive that the German audio company, established in 1924, has more than 50 years experience with wireless microphones. As early as 1962 beyerdynamic introduced the first wireless microphone with its so-called “Transistophone”. Exactly 50 years on, in 2012, beyerdynamic created two more milestones in its wireless history with the Quinta wireless conference system and the TG 1000 digital wireless system.

The TG 1000 digital wireless system is primarily distinguished by its large, future-proof bandwidth. By cascading up to 12 dual receivers it is possible to operate 24 channels without antenna splitters. The first systems have already been delivered. For example, the system is already being used for the musical "I've never been to New York" in Zurich / Switzerland, and Cro took the TG 1000 on their Germany tour. The system has been officially presented to the European market for the first time in January at the Integrated Systems Europe trade fair in Amsterdam.

More information about TG 1000

The name Quinta is the product range – Quinta stands for the 5th generation of beyerdynamic wireless conference technology. The future-proof system uses the latest technology, such as intelligent frequency hopping, an AVB interface or control via smartphone or tablet PC. It was used, for example, at the Formula 1 press conference in Hockenheim / Germany and has been installed in the modern conference room belonging to the broadcasting company Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg (RBB).

More information about Quinta
RBB project report

The Synexis System also resulted from many years of experience in the tour guide and interpreting sectors and has many different applications. For example, it is used for guided factory tours at Audi, hearing assistance in New Apostolic churches or for commentaries for the visually impaired at Fortuna Dusseldorf (German soccer club). Additions to the range, such as the new Synexis T12 transport case and the DT 4 disposable earphones have been presented in Amsterdam.

More information about Synexis



TG 1000 Digital Wireless System

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Quinta Wireless Conference System

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The transport case, the belt bag and the new earphones complement the Synexis Tour Guide System

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