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EISA Award for beyerdynamic

August 25, 2010

Heilbronn, August 2010: The editors-in-chief of 53 trade magazines from 20 countries have voted – and chosen the new beyerdynamic T 50 p as “European Mobile Headphone 2010-2011” in the EISA 2010 awards. The trophy has been awarded since 1989 by the European Imaging and Sound Association, an affiliation of renowned hi-fi, photography and electronic magazines.

“This award is an honor for us and shows that we are setting new acoustic benchmarks with our Tesla technology”, said a happy Mario Gebhardt, Head of Development for Audio Products at beyerdynamic. Under the “Tesla” description, the well-established Heilbronn-based company combines an entire bundle of sound-enhancing measures that are based on a particularly powerful magnetic drive system. At the same time, the name is a nod to the ingenious electrical engineer Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), to whom the developers of groundbreaking inventions utilizing alternating current owe quite a lot.

But the EISA experts were not just taken with the excellent sound of the T 50 p: the jury specifically praised the beautiful and elaborately handicrafted design in their laudation. The headphone won them over due to its wearing comfort, making “hours of relaxed listening” possible. The T 50 p, launched in spring 2010, is already the second headphone to feature Tesla technology. The beyerdynamic invention celebrated its premiere last year with the top-of-the-range model T 1 for the high-end hi-fi market. And the T 50 p is not to be the last Tesla headphone: the audio specialist will present the T 5 p at IFA 2010 in Berlin - audiophile headphones for those “on-the-go” that clearly take the tonal refinements of the EISA award winner to extremes.

About beyerdynamic

Since the Eugen Beyer electrical engineering factory was founded in 1924, beyerdynamic has been synonymous with applied high technology in the professional audio electronics sector, Made in Germany. In its long history, the company with headquarters in Heilbronn has developed many groundbreaking products and new technologies: these include the DT48, the world’s first dynamic headphones, the E 1000 ribbon microphone that was used on the first Beatles tour in 1966 as well as the world’s first wireless conference system.

Currently the beyerdynamic product portfolio includes, in addition to microphones and headphones, headsets for TV commentators and pilots as well as conference systems and interpreter systems. Amongst the newest engineer references are products for 5.1 Surround Sound in high-tech headphones, wireless Revoluto technology in the conference sector that is unique worldwide, high-quality headsets with digital noise reduction, individually manufactured headphones for iPod fans as well as premium headphones with the newly-developed Tesla technology with which new technological and acoustic benchmarks are being set for high end hi-fi headphones.

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