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HS 800 Digital: Special AirVenture Price during July and at Show

June 04, 2012

Farmingdale, May 2012: As early as 1st July, beyerdynamic, a leading manufacturer in headsets, is offering its top model, the HS 800 Digital, at a special “exhibition price” of $799 which is $140 below the MSRP of $939. This offer is valid until 29th July, the last day of the EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh. 

Like every year in Oshkosh, there are “Show Specials” available to those who attend the weeklong event in Oshkosh. beyerdynamic is making this year’s “Show Special” available to everyone even if they do not attend the EAA AirVenture exhibition. Effective July 1st through June 29th, the top of the line HS 800 Digital is available at a price of only $799. The beyerdynamic booth #3017 in hangar C will provide the complete line of aviation headsets for demonstration and purchasing. This includes the passive models HS 200, HS 400 and the flagship HS 800 Digital.

The HS 800 Digital is the world’s first headset with fully Digital Adaptive Noise Reduction (DANR). The adaption to different noise environments is continuous and automatic without any manual keystrokes. Regarding the comfort, the HS 800 Digital also sets new standards. All pads are very soft and covered with fine genuine leather. The replaceable headband pad has a special shape to protect the sensitive fontanelle at the top of the head. Low pressure and an optimal geometry of the headband in addition to the viscoelastic filling of the ear pads with a light weight contribute to an unequalled comfort, also for people who wear glasses. The result is a relaxed flight without noise as source of stress. 

In addition to the well-known Aviation headsets, customers visiting will find the MANUFAKTUR, an online configurator where they can create their own headset design. For the housing there are designs available such as black piano lacquer, basalt black metallic or burl wood. The leather of the headband pad is either black or brown. Decorative metal rings and aluminium yokes can be anodised in many colors according to customer’s request.  For a small fee a line of text can be lasered on the yoke. Who would not want to have his or her name or the licence number on the headset? After placing an order in the online shop, beyerdynamic will handcraft this individual headset according to customer’s request in Heilbronn,  Germany.

beyerdynamic devotes special attention to the high quality. Each HS 800 Digital goes through a single test and is provided with a serial number. This allows assigning the stored test results at a later time. Software updates are possible. 

International References
Not only pilots benefit from the high manufacturing standards. Professional musicians from all over the world are keen on products that are “Made in Germany”. Music legends such as “The Beatles”, Abba, David Bowie, Bob Dylan or Udo Lindenberg have all sung using the microphones from beyerdynamic Heilbronn.

Not less impressive: the references of the company’s conference business unit, an important branch for the Heilbronn-based audio specialists with an almost 50 percent share in its turnover. The Federal Labour Court uses beyerdynamic technology, as does the economic organisation OECD in Paris and the Ministry of Finance in Nigeria. For example, they all use the patented Revoluto system: the rectangular, puristically designed microphone units allow the speaker considerably more freedom of movement than a classic gooseneck microphone.

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HS 400 Signum - HS 800 Digital - HS 800 Digital Manufaktur

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HS 800 Digital - standard carbon design

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HS 800 Digital Manufaktur - walnut-burl design

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HS 800 Digital Manufaktur - housing basalt grey metallic, aluring rustbrown

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