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The DT 100 headphones were first presented during the 1968 exhibition in Hannover. Various legendary models were created base on the DT 100 headphone, like the single sided headphone DT 102 and the headset versions DT 108 and DT 109. The DT 108/109 have been the most common broadcast headsets worldwide for the past 40 years. During the 90's the headset portfolio was extended with the very compact DT 200 Series (DT 250/DT 290 etc.). The latest gain to the headset portfolio are the brand new DT 700 Series headsets (headset versions of the classic DT 770 PRO and DT 770 M), which were introduced during the IBC in Amsterdam, 2009.




Jean-Pierre Xenopoulos
Director of Sales
Phone: 514-695-4883 x236
Cell: 514-792-9451
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Daniel Beaulieu

Regional Sales Manager
Atlantic Provinces, Quebec, Ottawa
Cell: 514-793-9451
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George Grech
Regional Sales Manager
Central Ontario
Cell: 416-705-6988
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Alex McIntyre
Regional Sales Manager
BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba
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United States:

Paul Fattrosso
Pro Audio Sales Specialist
Office: 631.293.3200 x11
Mobile:  845.220.6231
E-Mail: paul @beyerdynamic-usa .com

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