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DT 252 LTD, with limiter (99 dB)

DT 252 LTD, with limiter (99 dB)

Made in Germany
Available at authorized resellers
Article Number: 497266

Single-ear version of the DT 250, for broadcast applications (with limiter).

Here you can find more information about the beyerdynamic limiter concept. 

The DT 252 is a lightweight, single sided, low profile design, closed dynamic headphone offering good ambient noise isolation. It’s suitable for various applications in broadcast and recording studios. The powerful neodymium magnet systems provide high-fidelity reproduction and a balanced sound. The headband and earphone cushioning system have been carefully designed for maximum comfort and unobtrusive style.

â–² Closed headphone
â–² Good ambient noise attenuation
â–² Lightweight, low profile design
â–² Single-sided, detachable cable
â–² NEW - Limiter
â–² Powerful neodymium headphone system for excellent reproduction accuracy
â–² Balanced sound impression
â–² Circumaural ear pads, advanced ear cushion system
â–² Adjustable, soft padded headband
â–² Service-friendly construction due to exchangeablitity of all parts


beyerdynamic Inc. USA
56 Central Ave.
Farmingdale, NY 11735

Phone +1 (631) 293-3200

technical data

Transmission type   Wired
Headphone design (operating principle)   Closed
Headphone impedanceAlso known as nominal impedance. The impedance is the AC resistance of the coils of loudspeakers and headphones in ohms. Since impedance depends on the frequency, it is always specified at a frequency of one kilohertz.   80 ohms
Headphone frequency responseThe frequency response specifies the highest and lowest frequencies reproduced by the acoustic transducer of the headphones.   10 - 30.000 Hz
Nominal sound pressure levelThe acoustical level, the headphone transducer produces to an artificial ear (a measurement device, which simulates a human ear) with an input power of 1 mW (dB/mW @ 500 Hz).   100 dB SPL
ConstructionSound coupling to the ear. A differentiation is made between supraaural headphones, circumaural headphones and in-ear headphones.   Circumaural (around the ear)
Cable & plug   Coiled connecting cable with mini-jack plug (3.5 mm) & ¼“ adapter (6.35 mm)
Net weight without packaging   170 g

Spec Sheet

accessories for DT 252 LTD, with limiter (99 dB)


Studio quality extension cable

K 190.00 - 3 m
K 190.00 - 3 m
Connecting cable for DT 190- and DT 200-series HEADSETS with free ends
K 190.00 - 3 m
WK 250.07
WK 250.07
Coiled connecting cable for DT 100-series with mini-jack plug (3.5 mm) & ¼“ adapter (6.35 mm).
WK 250.07
DT-Bag, nylon
DT-Bag, nylon
Nylon transport bag for professional headphones and headsets.
DT-Bag, nylon
K 190.00 - 1.5 m
K 190.00 - 1.5 m
Connecting cable for DT 190 and DT 200 series HEADSETS with free ends
K 190.00 - 1.5 m

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