Iris EF

Iris EF

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Infrared Radiator

The Iris EF radiator belongs to the latest generation of infrared system high power radiators for the wireless Iris audio system. An electrical signal supplied from the Iris TS infrared control unit is converted into infrared light invisible to people and radiated into the room. The signal to be transmitted can comprise up to 16 channels in the range of 2 to 6 MHz (band IV). For installation a separate mounting bracket is available. Up to 30 Iris EF radiators can be connected to one Iris TS control unit in a daisy chain. If the Iris EF radiator does not receive a signal, it automatically turns into the standby mode. When the temperature of the radiator is too high, the system will automatically switch from full power to half power. If the temperature is still too high, the radiator will be switched to stand-by mode.

• DQPSK digital modulation technology
• Band IV operation between 2 and 6 MHz
• For the use in conference rooms or outside
• Switch to compensate the delay for differences in cable lengths between control unit and radiators
• Radiation angle ± 22°
• Max. radiation range: 30 metersr
• Stand-by function
• Connection to connect further radiators in a daisy chain
• Half-power / full-power the operating mode can be selected with a switch


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Net weight without packaging   5180 g

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Spec Sheet

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