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Classis RM 30 W

Classis RM 30 W

Made in Germany
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Article Number: 729701

Vertical Array-Microphone with Revoluto Technology , white, 3-pin. XLR

The Classis RM 30 is a desktop microphone for round table discussions, podiums, tele/video conferencing and lecterns. The vertical microphone array results in a horizontal corridor characteristic (horizontal cardioid, vertical lobe). This allows the speaker or conference participant maximum freedom of movement at a consistent intelligibility of speech. It is possible for two people to share one microphone. The vertical lobe polar pattern also optimises the gain before feedback in ceiling installations.

  • Revoluto Technology
  • Reclinable microphone
  • Gain before feedback
  • RFI proof
  • 3-pin XLR connector
  • Filter


beyerdynamic Inc. USA
56 Central Ave.
Farmingdale, NY 11735

Phone +1 (631) 293-3200

technical data

Net weight without packaging   394 g

Spec Sheet

accessories for Classis RM 30 W

GMS 32 w
GMS 32 w
Shock-mounted installation holder with lid for Classis microphones, 3-pin XLR, white
GMS 32 w

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