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Headzone® - Stunning surround sound with headphones

  • Remarkable surround sound replay via any standard dynamic stereo headphones
  • Ideal for gaming, movies and listening to music
  • Plug and play for easy set-up and use. No configuration required
  • Flexible connectivity (optical and coaxial) and sound formats (DTS, Dolby Digital, Pro Logic and PCM Stereo)

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Conventional living rooms seldom have ideal acoustic characteristics
Often, listeners must compromise with the placement of their loudspeakers
Background noise can affect the overall listening experience
Connecting cables can be a pain to integrate into the chosen environment

The surround system Headzone reproduces the sound through headphones and replaces loudspeakers. Of course, stereo signals are reproduced in natural way, too. Headzone doesn’t overlay the recordings with additional effects (auch as reverb, dynamics e.g.) . Hence, they keep their natural sound completely. Opposed to the strict channel separation (the left channel appears only in the left ear, the right channel), Headzone gives both ears the complete sound information just as with natural hearing.

Headzone knows exactly, how sound sources from a certain angle and and a certain distance sound at the left and right ears. Headzone takes the signal of an imaginary loudspeaker in the listening room, adds it with an acoustic "fingerprint" suggesting the ear that the signal had gone its way from the loudspeakers through the room to both ears. This way Headzone reproduces the very sound at your ears, which would have come up in a real room with real loudspeakers at your ears.

Without a headtracker, the virtual loudspeakers won`t follow your head movements. All channels will rotate as you move your head. The relation towards the screen can get lost.

With a headtracker your head direction is measured exactly. With it the base station can calculate, in which angle relative to the head direction the virtual loudspeakers should be placed. As a consequence, you can turn your head and still the virtual loudspeakers will stay at their place.

Fantastic 5.1 Surround Sound via Headphones

Headzone is the perfect solution for listening to 5.1 surround via stereo headphones. High quality audio playback via “virtual” loudspeakers ensures that you are at the heart of any surround performance. Replay of Dolby Digital or DTS encoded soundtracks delivers a depth and localisation to the sound that has only previously be achievable with physical loudspeakers.

Gaming, Music or Movies – You choose the application

No matter what your choice of audio source – Headzone will deliver stunning results every time. Whether you are coming under fire during an intense virtual shoot out, immersing yourself in your favourite live recording or listening for creatures sneaking up behind you during your favourite movie, Headzone allows you to hear everything in glorious surround detail.

Flexible Connectivity – Flexible Sound

The Headzone H1 base station features both optical and coaxial digital inputs and automatically detects and decodes Dolby Digital, DTS and Pro Logic audio streams. Due to this, no pre-configuration of the Headzone system is necessary, you can just plug in your program source and your headphones and start listening. Of course , Headzone also replays stereo audio so you can also connect the H1 device up to your CD player and enjoy your favourite CDs via your own choice of stereo headphones.

Exceptional performance with the latest sound formats

When watching Blu-Ray discs with the latest audio formats such as Dolby Digital Plus / Dolby True HD or DTS-HD Master Audio, your Blu-Ray player will output the separate “core” surround audio via the S/P-DIF connector. Thus, Headzone provides about twice the resolution as known from conventional audio formats.

Each Headzone system is supplied with both optical and coaxial cables as standard, so that it can be instantly connected to your choice of surround source straight out of the box.

The Headzone HT: this system features a Headtracking function, which allows your “virtual speakers” to remain fixed in their “virtual environment” when you turn your head, in exactly the same way as real speakers.