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MCS 501

MCS 501

Made in Germany
Available at authorized resellers
Article Number: 470422

delegate microphone unit for flush table mounting

The MCS 501 delegate microphone unit consists of one microphone button in the cover plate with which the participant can switch on and off the microphone, an illuminated red ring below the microphone capsule and a green LED above the microphone button indicate the ready-to-talk status of the microphone. In the Request-to-Talk mode, the microphone button enables the Request-to-Talk function. The red LED above the microphone button indicates the Request-to-Talk has been acknowledged. When the microphone is activated by the operator at the PC, media control system or chairman station with “Next” function, the colour of the LED changes to green. If the microphone button is pressed once again, the delegate himself/herself can clear the
request-to-talk. The round edges of the unit allow flush table mounting.


• Metal plate with Nextel® finish
• Round edges for flush table mounting
• High-quality gooseneck microphone (including pop shield)
• Ring of the gooseneck illuminates to indicate the Ready-to-Talk status
• Microphone button to switch the microphone unit on and off or for request to talk
• Dual colour LED to indicate the microphone on/request-to-talk status (red: request-to-talk is acknowledged; green: microphone unit is switched on and ready to talk)
• DIP switches for addressing and programming the microphone unit
• 15-pin Sub-D socket for the system connecting cable
• Fixed connecting cable (3 m long) with 15-pin Sub-D plug
• Place to keep pens


beyerdynamic Inc. USA
56 Central Ave.
Farmingdale, NY 11735

Phone +1 (631) 293-3200

technical data

Net weight without packaging   861 g

Spec Sheet


Spec Sheet

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