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Opus 155 Mk II Set

Opus 155 Mk II Set

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Article Number: 476951

Neckworn set, comprises receiver, pocket transmitter and neckworn microphone

Ultimate freedom of movement. The neckworn microphone Opus 55 Mk II (condenser, omnidirectional) is designed to suit all hands-free applications, such as theatre, musical, sports, presentation and education. The new neckband construction gives the possibility to mount the microphone either on the left or on the right side. The microphone length is variable for optimum positioning and can be shaped for personal comfort and to ensure a secure fit. The microphone capsule of the Opus 55 Mk II is water resistant, also against sweat.

comprises NE 100 S true diversity receiver

+ TS 100 Mk II pocket transmitter

+ Opus 55.18 Mk II neckworn microphone (condenser, omnidirectional)

+ WS 55 windscreen

+ Battery (9 V)

Available frequencies

174,100 MHz, Order ID: 476.943

175,000 MHz, Order ID: 476.951

184,000 MHZ, Order ID: 476.978

198,250 MHz, Order ID: 476.986

199,700 MHz, Order ID: 476.994

202,400 MHz, Order ID: 477.001

213,400 MHz, Order ID: 477.028

231,600 MHz, Order ID: 477.036

239,200 MHz, Order ID: 477.044

Depending on country regulations.

(Please refer to the manual also.)


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Phone: +49 (0)7131 - 617-440

technical data

Net weight without packaging   1163 g


User Manual

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