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SHM 204 XD

SHM 204 XD

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Article Number: 480436

condenser, length 400 mm, special designed with 2.7 mm thick stainless steel tube, XLR male

The mini condenser SHM 204 XD gooseneck microphone is very unobtrusive. Due to the very small microphone head, the slim goosenecks and the 2.7 mm thick stainless steel tube the SHM 204 XD is perfect for applications in any sophisticated environment. Its cardioid polar pattern reduces undesirable off-axis sound while providing outstanding gain before feedback. The microphone is ideal for speech applications such as meetings, discussions, teleconferencing and many other applications where maximum speech intelligibility, high gain before feedback and
unobtrusive design are required.
The microphone is mounted on a 3.5 mm thick gooseneck. The microphone can be powered with any phantom power source supplying 11 - 52 volts.

• High sensitivity
• High gain before feedback
• Unobtrusive dimensions
• Non-glare surface
• Phantom power 11 - 52 volts


beyerdynamic Inc. USA
56 Central Ave.
Farmingdale, NY 11735

Phone +1 (631) 293-3200

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Net weight without packaging   110 g

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Spec Sheet

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