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Right of revocation for consumers:

Customer can revoke the contract by returning the commodities to us within 30 days of receipt without stating reasons. The period shall commence no earlier than receipt of the commodities and these instructions (confirmed by mouse click in the online order). Punctual dispatch of the commodities shall be sufficient in order to revoke the contract concluded with us. Returns shall be made to the following address:

beyerdynamic Inc.
56 Central Ave
NY 11735
Tel.: 631-293-3200
Fax: 631-293-3288

Consequences of revocation: In the event of an effective revocation, the consideration received by both parties shall be restituted and any benefits received (e.g. interest) shall be returned. If Customer cannot restitute the performance received, either totally or partly or only in a deteriorated condition, it shall, if applicable, be obliged to compensation to us. In provision of objects, this shall not apply if the deterioration of the object is exclusively to be put down to an examination by Customer such as would have been possible, for example in a shop. Apart from this, Customer can avoid the obligation to compensation by not putting the object into use like an owner and omitting everything impairing its value.

Objects capable of dispatch by parcel shall be returned at our risk. Objects not capable of dispatch by parcel shall be collected from Customer.

Costs of return: Customer shall bear the costs of return if the commodities supplied correspond to what has been ordered and the price of the commodities to be returned does not exceed an amount of 60.00 USD or if Customer has not yet paid the consideration or a
contractually agreed part payment at the time of the revocation in the event of a higher price of the commodities. Apart from this, returns shall be free of charge for Customer.

The following are excluded from revocation:
- delivery of commodities produced according to Customer's specification or unambiguously tailor-made to match its personal requirements or not suited for returning on the basis of their properties or which spoil quickly or the sell-by date of which has been exceeded.
- delivery of audio or video recordings or of software insofar as the data media supplied have been unsealed by the consumer.