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TG 500SR Single Receiver

TG 500DR Dual Receiver

Up to 40 MHz Switching Bandwidth
Due to the enormous bandwidth of up to 40 MHz and a wide range of frequency bands, the wireless
system is usable everywhere on the world.

Also suitable for larger installations
Four available band variants enable the use of up to 72 channels simultaneously.

Mixed Output
For a combination of the two audio channels of the dual-receiver to a physical output no additional mixing is necessary thanks to mixed output.

Robust Housing
The robust metal housing of the receiver protects against damage during use.

Great Design
Particularly pleasant to use is the high-quality haptics of the transmitters and the receiver. Likewise, the system shines in a simple, appealing design.

Intuitive Operating Elements
Intuitive operating elements provide a user-friendly menu navigation.

Antenna Diversity
Even in a complex environment, the antenna diversity ensures best signal reception and avoids unpredictable interruptions.

Antenna Phantom Power
The phantom power of the dual receiver allows easy use of active remote antennas.