Audio solutions for companies

The world of work has changed and is setting new trends in communications and, thus, new demands upon communication technology.

Whether it’s online meetings, project teamwork, the inclusion of home-office colleagues and external employees, suppliers and customers – communication technology must be reliable.

The spoken word has to be correctly understood, in real-time. The technology must be ready for use at the right time and be intuitively operable.

Furthermore, all those involved in the communication must be able to understand each other. A precondition for understanding that which is spoken is thus a good input signal in order to transmit a good output signal. The dialogue partners in the room or at the other end will appreciate the sound quality.

beyerdynamic has over 90 years of audio experience in providing microphones that ensure great sound – from Skype conferences to fully equipped board rooms. All our solutions allow the inclusion of dialogue partners that are not on site. Therefore, optimum operational procedures are ensured, and effective meetings that allow for concentration on the content are possible.


Spontaneous meetings


The Classis BM 53 USB microphone is our plug & play solution for spontaneous meetings and Skype conferences. Dialogue partners will appreciate the improved quality of communication that this microphone offers. The microphone can be simply connected to a laptop or PC using the included USB cable, and the meeting can begin.


Multi-functional meeting rooms


Our Quinta TB boundary microphones can be simply placed on a table during video conferences or for recording purposes. If no devices are to be placed on the table, Revoluto MPR 210 or Classis RM30 ceiling microphones are the ideal solution.


Conference rooms


The Quinta wireless conference system is ideal for when the microphones are only to be on the table temporarily. The system is ready to go at any time in a practical transport, charging and storage case. For permanent solutions, our wired conference system or installation microphones are ideal.


Board rooms


Our Orbis and MCS-Digital conference systems are the perfect integrated solutions for board rooms. Larger conferences are easily possible with these systems. Integrated microphones, individualcoloursand logos offer aesthetically pleasing integration into high-quality tables and the architectural surroundings.


Inclusion in the workplace


Laws and standards implementing the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities make it essential to offer assisted listening – in the workplace too. Our IL200 inductionneckloopdirectly transmits sound to hearing aids or CIs via the headphone connector of the microphone unit or by means of our mobile Synexis system.

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