Audio solutions for educational institutions

Hear well, learn better: beyerdynamic offers a wide range of microphones for voice transmission in schools, universities and other educational institutions. For these applications, it is important to note the room acoustics and how much the lecturer moves. The products range from lectern microphones to wireless microphones, which can be used both for speakers and as audience microphones. The mobile Synexis system is available for assisted listening, for foreign languages or for excursions.


Wireless Microphone


The GM 305 T gooseneck microphone can be connected to a beltpack transmitter and is thus flexible to use – for example at a lectern. The microphone’s cable is suitable for the beltpack transmitters in the Opus and Synexis wireless systems. The power supply comes from the beltpack transmitter.

Wired Microphones

The Revoluto array microphones are ideal for lecterns. These vertical array microphone gives the speaker maximum freedom of movement at the lectern while maintaining a consistent volume. They offer a clear view of the speaker, who does not have to speak directly into the microphone.
Information on Revoluto technology


Wireless microphones


Handheld microphones are available with a condenser head especially for voice communications to allow unrestricted speech. Beltpack transmitters can be used with clip-on microphones or neckworn microphones to allow unrestricted speech.


Distance education

For distance education, where the lecturer or students are not sat in the lecture theatre, students’ questions can be transmitted using ceiling microphones or microphones in the tables or chairbacks.


Foreign languages

For international training courses, the mobile Synexis system can be used for simultaneous interpretation with whisper interpreters. The system is multi-functional: it is can also be used for guided tours on excursions and for assisted listening for the hearing impaired.


Assisted listening 

Laws and standards implementing the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities make it essential to offer assisted listening. Synexis is the flexible wireless assisted listening system that can be used as a mobile and independent solution or can be integrated retroactively in a public address system without installation work, even if the building is listed. Accessibility can thus be ensured quickly and inexpensively.

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