Brandenburg Parliament, Germany

The Brandenburg parliament has moved into a new building in the centre of Potsdam, based on the Potsdam city palace that was destroyed during the Second World War. Behind the historic-looking facade there is a highly modern interior covering around 15,000m2 and boasting cutting-edge media technology.

PRO VIDEO set up the plenary hall with multi-function room for press conferences, nine conference halls for parties and committees as well as the central control and production room with state-of-the-art networked media technology. It was important that the colour of the visible technical components match the interior design: the bright rooms are decorated in Brandenburg’s state colours: red and white. For aesthetic reasons, the visible media technology is also coloured white.(1)

By using two beyerdynamic MCS-D 200 central control units, it was possible to equip the parliament’s plenary hall with a redundant mode and so guarantee the operational reliability of the system. If necessary, the conference system can be equipped for up to 212 participants; connectors have already been installed in the floor boxes in preparation. The acoustic atmosphere of the hall is captured by six ceiling microphones. In addition to the prepared system connectors for two interpreters' booths, there are also two XLR connectors for the stenographers and 30 XLR connectors in the armrests of the press seats. Eight hall microphones have been installed in the walkways for contributions from the floor.

In the current development stage, the total number of customised white walkway microphones has been limited to eight. The special mount with button was designed and constructed by long-time beyerdynamic partner Pro Video. The walkway microphones have been integrated into the conference system using an under-table connector unit and can, therefore, also be monitored and controlled using the Creston media controller.

The president of the Landtag can control discussion units, activate microphones and assign channels via touchscreen. In addition, speaking times, automatically generated speaker lists and agenda topics can be retrieved. Thanks to differently programmed scenarios, not just plenary sessions can be held in the hall, but also other types of events.

A total of eleven beyerdynamic MCS 50 conference systems were installed in the party rooms and meeting rooms; these systems can be used to operate 268 microphone units.

Deployed beyerdynamic equipment:

Plenary hall:
14 x MCS-D 3643 under-table conference units
1 x CA 4310 “NetRateBus” conference network cable
9 x GM31x custom-made gooseneck microphones, white
2 x MCS-D 200 digital discussion control units
2 x CA 4100 second internal power supply units for central control units
1 x CA 4214 digital X-adaptor for “NetRateBus” conference network
2 x CA 4302 “NetRateBus” conference network cables
7 x CA 4146 second power supply units for up to 45 microphone units
7 x CA 4302 “NetRateBus” conference network cables
3 x CA 4588 digital/analogue audio interfaces 6 in / 6 out

Party and meeting rooms:
4 x MCS 50/32 (D) discussion control units for up to 32 microphone units
7 x MCS 50/64 (D) discussion control units for up to 64 microphone units
11 x MCS 523 chairman microphone units, digitally controlled
257 x MCS 521 delegate microphone units, digitally controlled

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