Department of Environment, Iran

The Department of Environment (DOE) is a state organization which is managed by the Vice-President and is situated in west Tehran in the Pardisan botanic garden.

The DOE has two buildings. The tall one is the main building and the wide short one is specially designed and built for regional congresses and conferences.

There is a regional congress hall with 450 seats, one conference room with 24 seats and one conference room with 20 seats in this building. All three rooms are fully equipped with professional audio, video and lighting systems.

In the congress hall 42 built-in MCS-Digital conference units with voting and language selector options have been installed. Furthermore, camera control via iCNS software, four MCS-D 202 interpreter units, five Opus 300 wireless microphones, two SHM 203 gooseneck microphones and five Opus 69 microphones. The interpreted languages can also be heard through a TTS 300 wireless UHF system with 150 FE 316 receivers.

Both conference rooms are using MCS 50 conference system and two Opus 300 wireless microphones.



  • Congress hall equipped with flush-mounted MCS-Digital conference units
  • Department of Environment, Tehran
  • Congress hall with 450 seats
  • Conference room with 20 seats (MCS 521)
  • Conference room with 24 seats (MCS 521)

Source:  Pajouhesh Gostar Systemhaye Novin Co. – Iran

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