German-Speaking Community, Belgium

 The German-speaking Community (Deutschsprachige Gemeinschaft ­­­– DG) is a member state of the Belgian Federation, bordering on Germany, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. The German-speaking Community encompasses nine local authorities covering an area of around 854 km2. The official language of the approximately 77,000 citizens is German, which is also used in schools and courts. The German-speaking Community maintains wide-ranging autonomy, with its own parliament, government and administration.

The parliament of the German-speaking Community, the legislative, is comprised of 25 delegates. The German-speaking Community is responsible for culture, education, vocational training and the supervision of local authorities.

The legislator passes decrees in the parliament building, which was once a sanatorium. Its centrepiece, the plenary hall, is situated in the new extension. In keeping with the abundance of forestry in the region, the use of wood plays an important role. The aim was to discreetly integrate the technology into the furnishings. This is exactly what the beyerdynamic MCS-D 200 wired conference system can offer. The robust housing of the microphone units means they can be installed in the high-grade lecterns. The folding gooseneck microphones with light ring ensure discreet integration in the furnishings.

Internationality and flexibility are guaranteed thanks to three interpreter booths with a total of six MCS-D 202 interpreter stations, each with 54 programmable audio channels. The conference and recording software steno-s 4 Conference ensures that sessions can be recorded and archived.

The parliamentary president presides over plenary sessions using the MCS-D 3073 Chairman microphone unit. A further 46 microphone units for the delegates each feature a microphone, channel selection, display, voting button and a 2-way loudspeaker system.

Thus beyerdynamic technology guarantees reliable execution of every session.


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