Mexico’s Economic Competition Commission opts for Quinta

The Economic Competition Commission (COFECE, Comisión Federal de Competencia Económica) in Mexico is an autonomous agency that protects, regulates and promotes free competition in the Mexican market.

After the relocation of its headquarters in Santa Fe to a new building in Nonoalco in Mexico City, COFECE needed to acquire a wireless conference system that would guarantee the security and encryption of the very sensitive topics and discussions that take place inside its principal chambers, mainly related to big national and international companies doing business in Mexico.

Upon rejecting other alternatives from competitors, COFECE selected beyerdynamic’s Quinta for the solution’s 128-bit encryption, 24-bit PIN code and excellent sound quality.

As the system is going to be used in either of two rooms, depending upon the Commission’s needs for its sessions, COFECE purchased 10 units (1 chairman and 9 delegates) with two control units and respective antennas.