beyerdynamic Quinta and Phonum for DuPont Mexico

DuPont is an international organisation that serves different markets such as agricultural, nutritional, telecommunications, security, transportation, clothing and many more, based upon the development of science and technology.

DuPont Mexico recently moved its headquarters in Mexico City to Polanco, one of the most exclusive neighbourhoods in the city. Aiming to equip their offices with the best possible solution, the chose beyerdynamic for their microphone needs.

DuPont acquired one Quinta system consisting of three Quinta TH handheld transmitters and one Quinta MU 23 desktop unit as the microphone solution for the dining and leisure areas of their offices, employing an interesting combination of omnidirectional and directional antennas in order to properly cover the rooms where the units are to be used. For ad hock meetings they use Phonum Bluetooth® speakerphones.