CET A.T.I.L.R.A. Training Centre, Argentina

Microphone units with Revoluto technology of the wired MCS-Digital conference system, interpreter stations and the digital TG 1000 wireless system from beyerdynamic were installed in the auditorium of the new A.T.I.L.R.A. CET technological training centre (Centro Educativo Tecnológico) in Argentina.

A.T.I.L.R.A. is the workers association of the dairy industry in Argentina.
In Sunchales in the province Santa Fe, Argentina they built a high tech training centre with a total area of 64.000 m². There are three modern buildings on this campus: an auditorium with 3D projectors, conferencing and interpretation technology, a building with a total of 24 lecture halls which are also equipped with the latest technology (PC workplaces, video and teleconferencing
technology) and a hotel with 14 rooms.

The building, where beyerdynamic technology is used, has a total area of 1200 m² and consists of a reception hall which is also used as an extension of the large auditorium. The auditorium includes 305 seats (when extended 405). The first rows in the auditorium are equipped with MCS-D 3171 microphone units with Revoluto technology (115 microphone units).

The engineers who were responsible for the implementation of the new technology worked out a concept and catalogue of requirements. As this is
an ultramodern centre, the conferencing technology had to be up-to-date as well. They demanded a high level of functionality, quality and attractive design. The microphone units with Revoluto technology of the wired MCS-Digital conference system from beyerdynamic were predestined. Due to the patented Revoluto technology they provide a real large speaking zone with a high sound quality no matter if the speaking person is leaning backward or turning his/her head to right or left side while speaking, the volume and audio quality stay the same. As A.T.I.L.R.A. organise their meetings in this auditorium where guests from all over the world take part, an interpretation system for six languages was also required in addition to the conference system. Due to the MCS-D 202 interpreter station, MCS-Digital can meet this requirement without an additional system. The interpreter stations (two units per language) are in the upper back of the auditorium in two separate booths.
The MCS-D 3171 microphone units have a channel selector switch to select the interpreter channels. The participants of the meeting can select the required language and listen to it via the DT 2 headphone. In addition to this by using the function buttons of the MCS-Digital microphone unit, votings can be performed quickly and easily.

The steno-s 4 Court conference software is used to record meetings. The software is ideal to complement the beyerdynamic conference system. By using this software, both the interpreter channels and conference channel can be recorded separately. Furthermore, markers can be placed in the recording
for a targeted access when writing the minutes of the meeting later.

People who are hard of hearing can also actively take part in meetings, because there are 15 IL 200 induction neck loops for people with hearing aids or cochlea implants available. By using the induction neck loop the desired sound is directly transmitted to the ear without any loss and ambient noise. People who are hard of hearing can sit anywhere and can actively take part in the meeting with a maximum of intelligibility of speech. In the auditorium A.T.I.L.R.A. therefore meets the requirements of the UN convention on the rights of persons with disabilities.

On the stage, 17 x 8 metres, microphone units can also be set up, which was done for the first event in the auditorium, the “3rd International Conference on Nutrition” on 18th March 2014.
In addition to international conference applications, the auditorium is technically also equipped for theatre or musical performances, readings or 3D movies. The digital TG 1000 wireless system from beyerdynamic ensures the perfect sound at events.


Information about the wired conference system MCS-Digital 200 at www.beyerdynamic.de/conference

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