beyerdynamic Unite Tour Guide System Sisamex, Mexiko

Guided tours at an automobile supplier in Mexico with Unite

Automobile Systems of Mexico (Sistemas Automotrices de México, Sisamex) is a major manufacturer in Monterrey, in the north of Mexico. Sisamex manufactures automotive components such as axles and brakes for commercial vehicles.
For guided tours of the production facility, Sisamex uses the beyerdynamic Unite tour guide system.

Noise levels in production

The reason for purchasing the Unite system was the noise levels of the machines along the production lines. Group tours are almost impossible without the tour guide system, as visitors would be unable to understand the guide.

Guided tours in dialogue

Sisamex places great importance upon dialogue with visitors – this was one of the major requirements for the system. Unite’s RP-T receivers with talkback function make dialogue possible. Participants can talk into the integrated microphone by using the talkback button. This allows visitors to ask questions and be heard by everyone using the system.


Products used:

For the guide:

  • Unite TP beltpack transmitter
  • DT 287 headset

For the visitors:

  • Unite RP-T receiver with talkback function
  • DT 2 headphones



Pdf Download

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