Conference Technology


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  1. WA-AS4
    4-way Wideband Antenna Splitter for Wireless Systems
  2. WA-CKL60
    RG 58 cable kit, BNC
  3. WA-AS6/2
    6-way Wideband Antenna Splitter / 2-way Combiner for BNC Wireless Systems
  4. TG H57 tan (TG)
    Condenser Earhook Microphone (Omnidirectional)
  5. WA-MS
    Marker set for TG 1000 handheld transmitters
  6. TG H34
    Condenser Headset Microphone (supercardioid)
  7. WA-CD
    NiMH charger with 4 charging slots for TG 1000 & TG 500 transmitters and Quinta TH
  8. TG H56
    Condenser Headset Microphone (Omnidirectional)
  9. WA-MC
    Microphone cable
  10. TG H74
    Neckworn Condenser Microphone (Supercardioid)
    TG 1000 handheld adapter
  12. Rack Mount Kit TG 100
    19" Rack Mount for TG 100 Receiver
  13. WA-ZAPD1
    passive 2-way antenna combiner
  14. WA-AC
    Aircell 7 antenna cable, BNC
  15. WA-ATDA
    active directional wideband antenna
  16. WA-ATO
    Passive omnidirectional wideband antenna
  17. TG L58
    Condenser clip-on microphone (omnidirectional), waterprotected, for film and theatre applications

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