Conference Technology


  1. Components Transport and Charging
  1. Unite Tour Guide System
    Digital Wireless Communication
  2. Quinta Product Family
    Wireless Conference System
  3. Synexis Product Family
    Tour Guide System
  4. Unite CC-24P
    Cockpit Case
  5. Synexis C30 TR
    Trolley for Synexis C30 charging case
  6. Quinta CD 3
    Charging Unit for up to 12 Quinta microphone units
  7. Quinta CC 3
    Charging and transport case for up to 12 Quinta MU 31/33 microphone units
  8. Synexis CTH30
    Charging compartment for handheld transmitter
  9. Synexis C30
    Charging & carrying case with 30 slots

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