Headphones & Headsets

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  1. Application Portable
  2. Operating principle Closed
  3. Remote Without Remote

    LAGOON ANC Traveller
    Bluetooth® headphones with ANC and sound personalization (closed)
  2. LAGOON ANC Explorer
    Bluetooth® headphones with ANC and sound personalization (closed)
  3. beyerdynamic Aventho wireless - Mobile Bluetooth® headphones with first-rate sound quality - beyerdynamic
    Mobile Tesla Bluetooth® headphones with sound personalization (closed)
  4. beyerdynamic Beat Byrd - wired in-ear
    Wired in-ear
  5. T 5 p
    Audiophile portable Tesla headphones, closed (2nd Generation)
  6. DT 240 PRO
    Mobile stereo headphones for monitor and recording purposes (closed)
  7. CREATOR 24
    DT 240 PRO headphones and FOX Professional USB Studio Microphone. Perfectly coordinated with one other.
  8. beyerdynamic Cole - T 5 p (2nd generation) and Impacto universal - beyerdynamic
    High-end T 5 p headphones and DAC & Amplifier Impacto universal. Perfectly coordinated with one other

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