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  1. Transducer type for microphone Condenser - Cardioid
  1. beyerdynamic MMX 300 - gaming headset
    Premium Gaming Headset, closed (2nd Generation)
  2. beyerdynamic CUSTOM Game - Stereo gaming headset - beyerdynamic
    Stereo gaming headset (closed)
  3. beyerdynamic DT 797 PV - Closed headset with condenser microphone - beyerdynamic
    Headset with condenser microphone for applications in loud environments (closed)
  4. beyerdynamic DT 297 PV MK II - Headset for applications in the broadcasting sector - beyerdynamic
    Broadcast headset with condenser microphone for broadcasting applications (closed)
  5. beyerdynamic DT 287 PV MK II - Broadcasting headset - beyerdynamic
    Single-ear headset with dynamic microphone for talkback purposes in broadcasting and tv (closed)

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