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  1. Application Portable
  1. LAGOON ANC Traveller
    Bluetooth® headphones with ANC and sound personalization (closed)
  2. LAGOON ANC Explorer
    Bluetooth® headphones with ANC and sound personalization (closed)
  3. beyerdynamic Blue BYRD
    Bluetooth® in-ear headset with sound personalization
  4. beyerdynamic Beat Byrd - wired in-ear
    Wired in-ear
  5. beyerdynamic Soul BYRD
    Wired in-ear headset
  6. Aventho wireless
    Mobile Tesla Bluetooth® headphones with sound personalization (closed)
  7. Byron BTA
    Bluetooth in-ear headset for mobile devices
  8. iDX 200 iE
    Wired in-ear headset for mobile devices
  9. Xelento remote
    Audiophile Tesla in-ear for mobile devices
  10. T 5 p
    Audiophile portable Tesla headphones, closed (2nd Generation)
  11. DT 240 PRO
    Mobile stereo headphones for monitor and recording purposes (closed)
  12. Aventho wired
    Mobile Tesla high-end headphones (closed)
  13. CREATOR 24
    DT 240 PRO headphones and FOX Professional USB Studio Microphone. Perfectly coordinated with one other.
  14. DT 880 Edition
    Hi-fi headphones (semi-open)
  15. DT 990 Edition
    Hi-fi headphones (open)
    Dynamic Headphones (closed)
  17. Impacto
    Mobile Hi-Res converter in small format
  18. Cole
    High-end T 5 p headphones and DAC & Amplifier Impacto universal. Perfectly coordinated with one other
  19. Cable with Microphone and Remote for CUSTOM headphones
    Detachable cable with microphone and one-button-remote control
  20. Coiled Cable
    Professional coiled cable for CUSTOM Series

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