Headphones & Headsets
  1. DT 880 PRO
    Semi-open reference headphone for monitoring applications.
  2. DT 102
    Single-ear version of legendary DT 100, for broadcast and film, recording studios and theatre applications.
  3. Impacto
    Mobile Hi-Res converter in small format
  4. DT 240 PRO
    Closed studio headphone for monitoring
  5. DT 1770 PRO
    Closed studio reference headphones for mixing, mastering, monitoring and recording
  6. DT 1990 PRO
    Open reference studio headphones for mixing and mastering
  7. DT 108/109 Series
    The worldwide headset standard for live, remote broadcasting, studio, film, TV and language lab applications
  8. CUSTOM Game
  9. Xelento wireless
    Audiophile Tesla in-ear headset with Bluetooth connection

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