MCS-D 3121

Delegate microphone unit with Revoluto technology with microphone button

MCS-D 3121 Revoluto Delegate Microphone Unit
Order # 486787
MCS-D 3121 H same as above, but NetRateBus sockets at the bottom
Order # 487961

More pictures:
Picture 2
MCS-D 31xx - version with rear connection - rear view
Picture 3
MCS-D 31xx - H-Version with bottom connection - rear view
Picture 4
MCS-D 31xx - H-Version with bottom connection - bottom view

• Fully-digital audio and control
• Up to 1,000 microphone units per system
• Revoluto Microphone Array Technology
• Corridor characteristic
• Integrated two-way speakers
• Headphone socket
• Microphone button for switching the microphone on and off and requesting to speak
• LED on the microphone button and illuminating bars on the sides of the housing indicate that the participant is requesting to speak or the microphone unit is in ready-to-talk mode
• NetRateBus conference sockets (push-pull) for connection in the MCS-D-200 conference system
• Sturdy housing

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