1. Application Live on stage
  2. Usage Singing
  3. Components Accessories
  1. Unite Wireless Microphones
    Digital wireless system for speech applications
  2. TG H34
    Condenser Headset Microphone (supercardioid)
  3. TG H56
    Condenser Headset Microphone (Cardioid)
  4. TG H74
    Neckworn Condenser Microphone (Supercardioid)
  5. TG L58
    Condenser clip-on microphone (omnidirectional), waterprotected, for film and theatre applications
  6. WA-CD
    NiMH charger with 4 charging slots for TG 1000 transmitters and Quinta TH
  7. WA-ATO
    Passive omnidirectional wideband antenna
  8. WA-ATDA
    active directional wideband antenna
  9. WA-ZAPD1
    passive 2-way antenna combiner
  10. WA-AS6/2
    6-way Wideband Antenna Splitter / 2-way Combiner for BNC Wireless Systems
  11. WA-AS4
    4-way Wideband Antenna Splitter for Wireless Systems
  12. WA-AC
    Aircell 7 antenna cable, BNC
  13. WA-CKL60
    RG 58 cable kit, BNC
  14. WA-MC
    Microphone cable
  15. WA-MS
    Marker set for TG 1000 handheld transmitters
    TG 1000 handheld adapter
  17. Rack Mount Kit TG 100
    19" Rack Mount for TG 100 Receiver

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