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  1. B7-752
    Connection cable for external audio source
  2. Synexis C30 TR
    Trolley for Synexis C30 charging case
  3. Synexis C30 TE
    Compartment for accessories for Synexis C30
  4. IL 200
    Induction neck loop with 0,3 m cable length, 3,5 mm stereo jack and and extension cord 0,8 m
  5. Synexis SG24
    Cabinet 19"/24 U
  6. Synexis T2
    Transport case
  7. Synexis TRB
    Weather-resistant belt bag for beltpack transmitter and receiver
  8. Synexis CTH30
    Charging compartment for handheld transmitter
  9. Synexis C30
    Charging & carrying case with 30 slots

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