Headphones & Headsets
  1. Application Broadcast
  1. DT 240 PRO
    Closed studio headphone for monitoring
  2. DT 770 PRO
    Closed reference headphone for control and monitoring applications.
  3. DT 770 M
    Closed headphone for drummers and monitoring purposes (FOH), with extreme isolation against ambient noise.
  4. DT 880 PRO
    Semi-open reference headphone for monitoring applications.
  5. DT 990 PRO
    Professional acoustically open headphone for monitoring and studio applications.
  6. DT 1350 CoiledCable (CC)
    Closed supraaural headphone with coiled cable for control and monitoring applications, musicians and DJ's.
  7. DT 1350
    Closed supraaural headphone with straight cablefor control and monitoring applications, musicians and DJ's.
  8. DT 100
    The worldwide standard closed headphone for monitoring, ENG/EFP and live-applications.
  9. DT 150
    Closed monitoring headphone for use in loud environments and broadcast, film and recording studios.

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