Headphones & Headsets
  1. iDX 200 iE
    Premium in-ear headset for mobile devices
  2. DT 990 Edition
    Premium HiFi headphones, open
  3. DT 770 M
    Closed headphone for drummers and monitoring purposes (FOH), with extreme isolation against ambient noise.
  4. DT 990 PRO
    Professional acoustically open headphone for monitoring and studio applications.
  5. DTX 910
    Hi-fi headphone (open) for hi-fi systems
  6. DT 770 PRO
    Closed reference headphone for control and monitoring applications.
  7. T 1
    Audiophile Tesla Hi-Fi headphones, semi-open (2nd Generation)
  8. T 5 p
    Audiophile hi-fi headphones, closed, optimized for portable players (2nd Generation)
  9. Byron
    Premium in-ear headset for mobile devices

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