Headphones & Headsets
  1. Acoustic Construction Closed
  1. Aventho wireless
    Mobile Bluetooth headphones with sound personalization
  2. MMX 300
    Premium Gaming Headset (2nd Generation)
  3. CUSTOM Game
    Interactive Gaming Headset
  4. Xelento remote
    Audiophile Tesla in-ear headset for mobile devices
  5. DT 240 PRO
    Closed studio headphone for monitoring
  6. T 5 p
    Audiophile hi-fi headphones, closed, optimized for portable players (2nd Generation)
  7. DT 770 PRO
    Closed reference headphone for control and monitoring applications.
  8. DT 770 M
    Closed headphone for drummers and monitoring purposes (FOH), with extreme isolation against ambient noise.
  9. DT 1770 PRO
    Closed studio reference headphones for mixing, mastering, monitoring and recording

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